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Enter some data to create free custom scorecards with event-specific information, or choose one of the pre-made scorecards from the bottom of the page.

Print custom scorecards

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Pre-made Weekly: 1 card per group

In weeklies and one-round tourneys, it is common to put the whole group on one card. These cards will fit up to 6 players.
Free scorecard 18 holes multiplayer
18-hole layout. Prints 3 cards per page.
Free scorecard 27 holes multiplayer
27-hole layout. Prints 1 card per page.

Pre-made Tourney: 1 card per player

In tourneys with multiple rounds, it is common to have one card per player.
Free scorecard 18 holes single player
18-hole layout. 3 cards per page.
Free scorecard 27 holes single player
27-hole layout. 3 cards per page.